Deadly Nightshade

This little number has been hanging out in my inventory for some time.  With Summer starting to fade and Gothmas around the corner I thought it might be a good time.

The outfit comes with matching hat and boots and it is materials enabled.  The back and sleeves of the jacket have a Skull and vine design.

I think the pictures tell the story 🙂  Suitable for all Victorian ladies of a poisonous bent, or even those who like a little crime detection.  I have an advance order from Miss Middleton pending…

Available on Marketplace only : AURADACIOUS


Blow-Out Sale! 50L everything!

As I seem to have less and less time to spend in SL these days, I am going to close my store in SL, at least for the immediate future.  The MP store will still be there and I will be adding things from time to time no doubt but unfortunately my RL has to take the driving seat at the moment.   The shop will be gone as of Friday (28th July) so for the next couple of days the remainder of stock in there has been set to 50L.   The group gift is up still and there is a bonus sweetie-related Burlesque outfit for 10L.

Look out for update posts in the group (which will still be open) and on FB through this blog.

Taxi to Auradacious Store 

Spring has Sprung a Leak…

shop inside_001

In honor of Spring Auradacious has gone all pastel and developed a sweet-tooth.  Want something fresh and breezy to dance in?  We may have what you need.  There is even a fun cabaret outfit.  All new products in the store are 100L apart from the “Diva” outfits, which are a rollback offer and only 50L.  No fancy appliers or mesh body specific dresses, sorry.    Just inexpensive fun for everyone, because everyone should have access to that, not just those with lots of Lindens.

This collection nearly didn’t happen as half-way through I lost my account for nearly 3 weeks.  All my revenue and stock would have been up in smoke.  So I am giving back to the SL community as a way of giving thanks for getting it all back.daffodil ress_001

There is also a group gift for Spring which you can find in the store.  If you are not already a member, it is only 50L to join.

There are Easter cookies hidden in the basket by the pool and a photo opportunity outside the shop with my Easter Bunny.  As a matter of fact there are quite a few bunnies.  They might just be multiplying…

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!


Taxi to Auradacious 

Fat Tuesday – Skinny prices

Where does the time go?  There are Easter eggs in the shops already and we haven’t even begun Lent yet.    Things have been a bit slow on the Auradacious front since before Christmas, due to health problems.  So I went a bit Mardi gras mad…   The whole store is turned over to the celebration, with each of the costumes above at 150L each.   Told you it was mad.  There are also some other goodies..and I will be adding more before the weekend…some big fans and maybe some shoes and boots in theme.  No fancy appliers I am afraid, hence the low prices, but you can easily match these sizzlers up with your favourite underwear from elsewhere.  If I can find where I put them I will also put the Copacabana yellow feathers and the Jazz Angel back out.



Now also available on marketplace, but prices may vary from store.

Time for a seasonal gift!

December is nearly upon us and that’s when I get to thinking about what I can wear for a special party.  So to extend your options, the latest gift is an opulent little number in emerald with a poinsettia motif.  It comes in XS to XL Fitmesh sizes, along with Slink Physique, Belleza and Maitreya models.  What’s more, for the entirety of December is is FREE to everyone, not just group members.  yes, you can drag your friends along to our special  shop in the Sinner’s Burlesque Winter Village.  Memphis was photographed in the cosy fireside nook of our Skating Rink.  Her hair is from Catwa and the necklace is from Lazuri.

The store in the Winter Village features a small selection of pretty gowns for special occasions and suitable for Christmas and new year parties.

Sinner’s Burlesque Winter Village   CLICK HERE

Please note that the usual shop will be out of service until late January while I work on new stock.  I recently uploaded a lot more items that were in the shop to Marketplace


Some Gothic Fayre for October


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, since I did the shirts for DJ Baron.  Mostly I wanted some old-school goth t-shirts to wear myself 😛     I chose some iconic moments in the history of a few seminal bands to reflect some treasured memories.  Bonus box is The Eden House, which I feel belongs there as it includes so many talented members of the other bands.

More than that, I am hoping that the shirts will raise awareness of S.O.P.H.I.E.   If you are not already familiar with this, it was set up after the death of Sophie Lancaster in 2007 to try and eradicate crimes of hatred against young people simply because they are “different”.   Each shirt box contains a note card with information about the movement, lots of links to information and how you can get involved.   Everyone who likes to dress up and be alternative should know her story and realise that it has not always been easy to be different, even just 9 years ago.   I personally remember what it was like to be spat at in the street and pushed around for wearing Gothic clothing, way before that.

Anyway, the boxes include the male and female version and you can pick them up from Saturday onwards at our special Halloween venue throughout October.  They cost just 100L per box!


If you saw my post on the charity show that we did, I mentioned that I was going to put the costumes on sale to raise more money.   I finally got around to boxing them up and they are out in front of the store ready for you to snap them up.  Each of the costumes costs 250L, which is a steal for a full outfit.  You can use them for your own shows or as a party costume (Psst.. Halloween is coming up… how about a zombie cabaret dancer?)

The Copacabana is a standard mesh corset in 5 sizes, but the Jazz angel is a special model that includes Fitmesh, Slink Physique and Maitreya sizing.

All proceeds will go into the Feed A Smile charity to help young children in Kenya. It is a very worthwhile charity!  You can see the results of our donations so far here

Falling out of Summer


Yes, it’s true, summer is coming to an end..Labor day will soon be upon us, the beaches will be growing empty.   But hey, come on, this is SL.  We can have summer all year round if we want.  I’m not prepared to unpack my sweaters yet.   It was definitely time for a new group gift though.    Here it is.  Still summery enough in style but with a batik pattern in autumnal palettes that will suit all skin/hair tones.  It is also materials enabled.

There are a variety of options in the package for different mesh bodies.  I have covered the major ones.  Drop into the store and wear your group tag to pick it up.

I have left the Summer beach outfit GG up as well because I am not sure if there was a problem with the vendor.  No-one came back to me with a complaint but maybe something happened to the script when I was moving the shop around!


new dress_001

If you are NOT prepared to say goodbye to the summer just yet then this dress comes in another color option which is for sale in the back of the store at $L250.  It looks lovely in normal light but in Advanced Lighting the Turquoise really pops.  I wore this to sing at White Satin Nights the other day and got a lot of nice comments.

One more thing!  If you follow Sinner’s or my other website, you will know we did a charity concert recently.  If you didn’t know you can see the blog here.   The dancer’s costumes from that show will be on sale in the store shortly and all proceeds will go to Feed A Smile.

Lots of Love

Aura x

GG photo taken at Cafe Musique      Hair :Besom~ Angel   Necklace: Finesmith

Kitty from Jian

Last days of Summer photo :  Hair: [BURLEY]_Kylie_Blacks   Jewelery: Lazuri


Late Summer Exclusive Glamour



Something cool and elegant; soft flowing slub silk for warm, fragrant days in two color choices reminiscent of the exotic.   A choice of either deep cerise with a bronze trim or turquoise with a muted purple.  Smart enough for shopping or afternoon coffee or dress it up for an evening out.


The dress comes in a “one-size” fitmesh which also works well with the Slink Physique body (shown above).  I know it might be a little daunting so I will be putting a demo in the Boutique so you can try the sizing for yourself.  I’m not usually a fan of fitmesh myself but this one I was very pleased with.


The dresses have materials enabled as you can see from the above photo with Advanced Lighting.


Slink hands/feet/Physique body  Genesis Lara head   Eyes: Poetic

Hair: *Milk* Hair~ Oh Cecilia

Jewellery:  Lazuri     Heels: Rowena’s Designs {RS} Avalina Heels High Slink


The Market Square, Orchard Heights – a beautiful residential community spanning multiple sims with gorgeous detailing.  Worth exploring.

Changes for Auradacious too! (redux)


Due to the changes at Sinner’s Burlesque, the boutique has had a bit of a change-around too.   We were planning to have a clear-out after the June sale so this was as good a time to have a face lift.   Much like Sinner’s it has been a case of prioritising tome and resources available.  Auradacious was started as a fun project and I want it to remain that way.

So…the skybox is gone and the boutique is down on the ground, nestled between the Grand Theatre and the Ishtar Bar.   We are in the process of installing new stock which includes the exclusives from the SlGoth “Timekiller” event and some new gowns.


New Gowns

More to come.  The old stock is in the process of being uploaded to Marketplace.  Only the freshest stock will be kept in the store to give group members and blog followers the first dibs on new designs.  Loyalty is rewarded!



The Summer group gift is still up and the gatchas have been returned.  We still have the Freebies wall too, so if you know of anyone starting out in SL, please point them to the store to pick up some gifts.

Happy Shopping folks,  hope to see you around the store sometime.  🙂