Out with the Old and In with the New!

Well as Sinner’s was having a bit of a change I thought maybe it was time (after 2 years) to change things up at Auradacious.  So…new Logos, artwork and a big change for the store layout.  Some of you will already know, last year I was struggling a bit with a big store, balancing health and RL and all the other things I do in SL.  After all, SL is meant to be fun, not a chore!  So I played with downsizing the store to a Boutique and put more of my line on marketplace.  I found a very cute house as a store, but a lot of people found the square spiral structure disorienting.

shop1a_001   Auradacious Store with New Logo and coffee area outside where you can pick up the latest copy of Showtime, SLGoth and Sim Street Journal, as well as details of the upcoming Timekiller event this month.

The downstairs store is still the same, with the group gifts, gift cards, gatchas etc. (I will be replacing the MM boards soon) and of course the Artiste information boards and StageSight vendors.


The real change has take place upstairs in the new Boutique!


Growing up, the shop that made the greatest impact on me was Barbara Hulanicki‘s “BIBA”.  With it’s black and gold interior and Art Deco themes, it was a huge change from the stuffy department stores of the time.  In borrowing this theme I have made a contrasting background for the bright colours of the vendors.


There is now a separate section for the Burlesque and cabaret items.  They are in their own vendors now rather than vendor boards so it’s just click and buy.  You can still find the full range of Version 3.0 fans as well as gloves and the new shoes/boots.  Only the new or exclusive items will be featured in the boutique.  Everything else will find its way to Marketplace (bear with me!).  Gift cards are available up here as well as downstairs.  There are TP points between the two stores for easy access.

I hope you will come visit soon!

Downstairs store locator:




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