TimeKiller II is open

Lots of amazing stalls to check out with some top designers…and me! 😀

I really wanted to be in the event but I though that I would never have TIME to get it all together.  Ha Ha!   The Mistress of Time dress seems to be the favorite at the moment.  I wish we all had the ability to walk around with advanced lighting everyday.  How amazing would that be?

ALL the items shown are 200L and are exclusive to this event.  They will be on sale at Auradacious later in the year but once this event is over you won’t see them for at least 3 months, so come check them out.    There are two models of corset for depending on how curvalicious you like your avatar to be and the demos are provided so you can be sure which one you want.

TimeKiller Event – Facebook page

Timekiller Arcade – here


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