Spring Group Gift!



Pfft…having a virus sucks.  It’s official.  I have had one dragging on since mid January and I think it’s finally abating  YAY! .  Well all this to say I had to take a break from SL for a bit so this is is a March/April gift while I catch up 😛

So here it is.  Blue Spring skies and a riot of color pushing it’s way up through the earth – but not English flowers..a touch of the sub-continent or tropical in the shapes.  The dress is a FitMesh model in 5 sizes with a charming cut-out in back so those fresh breezes can caress your shoulder-blades.  There are also models for Slink, Slink Hourglass and Maitreaya.

But that’s not all!  Throw in some matching pumps for Slink High  and a chic little pill box hat with a dotted veil.  I was going for somewhere between Jackie O and a stylish outfit for a southern lady to wear to church on Easter Sunday.  OK, with a side-order of sass.

THE PHOTOS were taken on a lovely sim called St John, a fictional version of the city of New Orleans 100 years ago. The St John Parish region is based on the New Orleans French Quarter.   You can visit here:



Slink body with Lara Genesis Head / Hair: Vanity Hair: Boys will be Boys-Teal

Jewellery : Lazuri Marzia Spring Earrings & Necklace

Come collect your Group Gift here :


More fun coming soon!