Changes for Auradacious too! (redux)


Due to the changes at Sinner’s Burlesque, the boutique has had a bit of a change-around too.   We were planning to have a clear-out after the June sale so this was as good a time to have a face lift.   Much like Sinner’s it has been a case of prioritising tome and resources available.  Auradacious was started as a fun project and I want it to remain that way.

So…the skybox is gone and the boutique is down on the ground, nestled between the Grand Theatre and the Ishtar Bar.   We are in the process of installing new stock which includes the exclusives from the SlGoth “Timekiller” event and some new gowns.


New Gowns

More to come.  The old stock is in the process of being uploaded to Marketplace.  Only the freshest stock will be kept in the store to give group members and blog followers the first dibs on new designs.  Loyalty is rewarded!



The Summer group gift is still up and the gatchas have been returned.  We still have the Freebies wall too, so if you know of anyone starting out in SL, please point them to the store to pick up some gifts.

Happy Shopping folks,  hope to see you around the store sometime.  🙂


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