Falling out of Summer


Yes, it’s true, summer is coming to an end..Labor day will soon be upon us, the beaches will be growing empty.   But hey, come on, this is SL.  We can have summer all year round if we want.  I’m not prepared to unpack my sweaters yet.   It was definitely time for a new group gift though.    Here it is.  Still summery enough in style but with a batik pattern in autumnal palettes that will suit all skin/hair tones.  It is also materials enabled.

There are a variety of options in the package for different mesh bodies.  I have covered the major ones.  Drop into the store and wear your group tag to pick it up.

I have left the Summer beach outfit GG up as well because I am not sure if there was a problem with the vendor.  No-one came back to me with a complaint but maybe something happened to the script when I was moving the shop around!


new dress_001

If you are NOT prepared to say goodbye to the summer just yet then this dress comes in another color option which is for sale in the back of the store at $L250.  It looks lovely in normal light but in Advanced Lighting the Turquoise really pops.  I wore this to sing at White Satin Nights the other day and got a lot of nice comments.

One more thing!  If you follow Sinner’s or my other website, you will know we did a charity concert recently.  If you didn’t know you can see the blog here.   The dancer’s costumes from that show will be on sale in the store shortly and all proceeds will go to Feed A Smile.

Lots of Love

Aura x

GG photo taken at Cafe Musique      Hair :Besom~ Angel   Necklace: Finesmith

Kitty from Jian

Last days of Summer photo :  Hair: [BURLEY]_Kylie_Blacks   Jewelery: Lazuri



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