Some Gothic Fayre for October


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, since I did the shirts for DJ Baron.  Mostly I wanted some old-school goth t-shirts to wear myself 😛     I chose some iconic moments in the history of a few seminal bands to reflect some treasured memories.  Bonus box is The Eden House, which I feel belongs there as it includes so many talented members of the other bands.

More than that, I am hoping that the shirts will raise awareness of S.O.P.H.I.E.   If you are not already familiar with this, it was set up after the death of Sophie Lancaster in 2007 to try and eradicate crimes of hatred against young people simply because they are “different”.   Each shirt box contains a note card with information about the movement, lots of links to information and how you can get involved.   Everyone who likes to dress up and be alternative should know her story and realise that it has not always been easy to be different, even just 9 years ago.   I personally remember what it was like to be spat at in the street and pushed around for wearing Gothic clothing, way before that.

Anyway, the boxes include the male and female version and you can pick them up from Saturday onwards at our special Halloween venue throughout October.  They cost just 100L per box!


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