Fat Tuesday – Skinny prices

Where does the time go?  There are Easter eggs in the shops already and we haven’t even begun Lent yet.    Things have been a bit slow on the Auradacious front since before Christmas, due to health problems.  So I went a bit Mardi gras mad…   The whole store is turned over to the celebration, with each of the costumes above at 150L each.   Told you it was mad.  There are also some other goodies..and I will be adding more before the weekend…some big fans and maybe some shoes and boots in theme.  No fancy appliers I am afraid, hence the low prices, but you can easily match these sizzlers up with your favourite underwear from elsewhere.  If I can find where I put them I will also put the Copacabana yellow feathers and the Jazz Angel back out.




Now also available on marketplace, but prices may vary from store.