Deadly Nightshade

This little number has been hanging out in my inventory for some time.  With Summer starting to fade and Gothmas around the corner I thought it might be a good time.

The outfit comes with matching hat and boots and it is materials enabled.  The back and sleeves of the jacket have a Skull and vine design.

I think the pictures tell the story 🙂  Suitable for all Victorian ladies of a poisonous bent, or even those who like a little crime detection.  I have an advance order from Miss Middleton pending…

Available on Marketplace only : AURADACIOUS


Blow-Out Sale! 50L everything!

As I seem to have less and less time to spend in SL these days, I am going to close my store in SL, at least for the immediate future.  The MP store will still be there and I will be adding things from time to time no doubt but unfortunately my RL has to take the driving seat at the moment.   The shop will be gone as of Friday (28th July) so for the next couple of days the remainder of stock in there has been set to 50L.   The group gift is up still and there is a bonus sweetie-related Burlesque outfit for 10L.

Look out for update posts in the group (which will still be open) and on FB through this blog.

Taxi to Auradacious Store 

Some Gothic Fayre for October


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, since I did the shirts for DJ Baron.  Mostly I wanted some old-school goth t-shirts to wear myself 😛     I chose some iconic moments in the history of a few seminal bands to reflect some treasured memories.  Bonus box is The Eden House, which I feel belongs there as it includes so many talented members of the other bands.

More than that, I am hoping that the shirts will raise awareness of S.O.P.H.I.E.   If you are not already familiar with this, it was set up after the death of Sophie Lancaster in 2007 to try and eradicate crimes of hatred against young people simply because they are “different”.   Each shirt box contains a note card with information about the movement, lots of links to information and how you can get involved.   Everyone who likes to dress up and be alternative should know her story and realise that it has not always been easy to be different, even just 9 years ago.   I personally remember what it was like to be spat at in the street and pushed around for wearing Gothic clothing, way before that.

Anyway, the boxes include the male and female version and you can pick them up from Saturday onwards at our special Halloween venue throughout October.  They cost just 100L per box!

All Change at Sinner’s Burlesque


We all know how quickly things can change in Second Life and usually due to real life stealing time or resources or energy.  Sanne and I enjoyed 3 years of watching Sinner’s grow and develop but there comes a time when you have to concentrate on what is the most joyful.   I want to say a huge thank you to Sanne for being the major powerhouse behind all that growth and plowing her time and money into the expansion.

We love putting on cabaret shows and also having live entertainment but the latter can be costly, especially if you want the best!

The essence of Sinner’s remains, the Theatre and the Scented Garden which so many performers love.  Also the beautiful Ishtar Bar.  Sadly we have retired our original club which was a replica of the club where Sanne and I met 4 and a half years ago.  Hopefully one day we will be able to restore it and put it to use.

I have to say she has done an excellent job of maximising the use of space on the parcel.  At least we wont have to worry about which LM people need for shows anymore *laughs* That could be a real pain in the ass at times!

So now its time to get busy making Sinner’s busy again.  We hope you will drop by and pay us a visit 🙂



Vintage Dreams for Summer

Keats might have made much of Autumn in England with his “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, but Summer has always been a bit of a joke.  No change this year although we can still hope…

Perhaps that’s why I went on a flight of fancy to Hawaii for the new store gift.  Just the mention of it can conjure up endless sunshine and bright smiles.  ‘The Garden of the Gods’ at Keahiakawelo,  Humpback whales on the shores of Maui, the beaches along the Coconut Coast.   It’s a veritable surfer’s paradise with its deep blue waters.

So to accompany this fantasy, here is your essential summer beachwear, a mesh all-in-one swimsuit in sky-blue polka dots with the “Aloha” design.  It comes in 2 sizes with an alpha for standard avatars, but as you can see from above it works with the Slink avatar.  I had to wear a size bigger than I usually do, and make a tiny tweak on the saddle measurements but it worked perfectly with the Slink body alpha tabs.

I have also included matching blue foot wraps to stop your tootsies getting burned on those sun-baked beaches.  They are designed to work with the Slink High feet.

Styling: Slink body, hands and feet/ Genesis Lara Head/Hair – *Alice Project* Quintessa/Artilleri/ Clubmaster sunglasses /Jewelery – Two Sisters Treasures Seahorse in Lace

Photo taken at Aloha Hawaii – Tropical Island Paradise (well worth a visit)

*Other news:

We have a “freebies section” in the downstairs store now, on the same wall as the group gift.  I have put out some old stock that is no longer for sale, so if you know anyone who is new to SL and would like a bit of glamour, then point them to the store!

Happy Summer Days everyone! xx


Spring Group Gift!



Pfft…having a virus sucks.  It’s official.  I have had one dragging on since mid January and I think it’s finally abating  YAY! .  Well all this to say I had to take a break from SL for a bit so this is is a March/April gift while I catch up 😛

So here it is.  Blue Spring skies and a riot of color pushing it’s way up through the earth – but not English flowers..a touch of the sub-continent or tropical in the shapes.  The dress is a FitMesh model in 5 sizes with a charming cut-out in back so those fresh breezes can caress your shoulder-blades.  There are also models for Slink, Slink Hourglass and Maitreaya.

But that’s not all!  Throw in some matching pumps for Slink High  and a chic little pill box hat with a dotted veil.  I was going for somewhere between Jackie O and a stylish outfit for a southern lady to wear to church on Easter Sunday.  OK, with a side-order of sass.

THE PHOTOS were taken on a lovely sim called St John, a fictional version of the city of New Orleans 100 years ago. The St John Parish region is based on the New Orleans French Quarter.   You can visit here:


Slink body with Lara Genesis Head / Hair: Vanity Hair: Boys will be Boys-Teal

Jewellery : Lazuri Marzia Spring Earrings & Necklace

Come collect your Group Gift here :

More fun coming soon!



January Group Gift



It’s a little hard to guarantee that I can do a group gift every month but I try to

do one as often as possible.  I thought as January is so dreary at the moment, it might be nice to have something bright and warm to relax in.  Enter the Kitty Kimono, in 5 mesh sizes.  Head to the downstairs store to pick up yours.  Group membership is still free.